Wood Roofing Services in Naples, FL

Wood shake roofs express character and “rustic chic” like no other roofing material. If you are weighing your options for a new roof in Naples, FL, consider the exceptional services of Dickson Roofing.

Wood Roofing Services in Naples, FL

Dickson Roofing has served Southwest Florida families and businesses for more than three decades, providing them with top-quality work and unparalleled customer service. You can find our roofs throughout Collier and Lee counties in some of the most prestigious communities, including Port Royal, Grey Oaks, Bay Colony, Mediterra, Olde Naples, Aqualane Shores and Park Shore.

Wood roofs became popular in America in the 17th and 18th centuries when the Colonies enjoyed an abundance of lumber. Think “Cape Cod style,” with its steeply pitched roof that features side gables and a narrow overhang, and the “Saltbox Colonial,” with its steeply sloped roof that is much longer on one side than the other. Wood roofs were lightweight, made with simple tools, and easily installed.

Wood shakes are wood “shingles” that are typically made from western red cedar, but also from cypress, pine, and California redwood trees. The shakes are hand-split from logs and shaped to be thicker at the butt end than standard shingles (which are evenly tapered and have uniform thickness).

Advantages of Wood Roofs

There are pros and cons for all roofing materials, and wood is no exception. Most homeowners, however, find that the advantages of wood shake roofing outweigh the disadvantages. Wood shake roofs:

  • Offer a unique textured appearance that is difficult to replicate
  • Allow your home to “breathe” better than other roofs
  • Are specially treated to withstand Southwest Florida’s climate
  • Are pressure treated to protect against fire, decay and insects
  • Are natural insulators and provide good energy efficiency
  • Are resistant to strong winds and durable in severe storms
  • Complement a variety of architectural styles and siding materials
  • Are biodegradable (can be recycled)
  • Have a typical lifespan of 30 to 50 years

At Dickson Roofing, we purchase premium grade wood shakes for your roof from preferred mills that we’ve relied on for generations because we know their wood outperforms all others.

Compared with other roofing materials, such as the popular asphalt shingles, wooden shakes are expensive to purchase and can be difficult to install. When you consider your home’s value, however, the natural beauty and longevity of wood shake roofing can provide a higher return on your investment and simply looks impressive to potential buyers.

It’s important to ensure that wood shakes are installed correctly. Once you decide you want a wood shake roof, be sure to select a qualified contractor like Dickson Roofing that is experienced in wood roof installation.

As one of the best roofing companies in Naples, FL, Dickson Roofing offers wood roofing services to suit your needs. Our highly-trained and dedicated team is committed to providing the highest quality service at competitive prices. Contact us today at (239) 514-1100 for a free consultation and estimate.