Shingle Roof Replacement Naples, FL

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We construct, repair, update, and inspect roofs of all sizes and shapes with premium materials and cutting-edge techniques. We have provided generations of Florida families with top-quality work and unparalleled customer service.

A damaged roof can compromise the entire stability of your home. If you are looking for the best roof repair company in Bonita Springs, FL, look no further than Dickson Roofing. We will evaluate your situation and recommend a smart plan to get your property back in order promptly, with the best long-term solution, at an affordable cost.

Better Than Shingle Options

Shingles are the shortest lived roofing materials available on the market. So, if you are considering replacing a shingle roof, we would suggest to you that there are several “better than shingle” options available to you:


The cost of metal can be high, and any mistakes during installation can drive up the costs and negatively impact your roof system’s waterproofing properties. That’s why it is important to trust a company like Dickson Roofing for all your installation and repair needs.

Though metal will cost you more than shingles, it will also last a good deal longer and you have several options as to what metal materials you put on your roof. These include:

  • Steel- In the metal roofing industry, a galvanized steel alloy with a metallic coating of zinc is used more often than any other metal. It is less expensive than most other metals, is strong, holds paint well, and comes in almost any look, including shake, shingle, and tile systems.
  • Aluminum- Aluminum is an excellent option for almost any residential metal roofing system because it is lightweight, corrosion and rust resistant, energy efficient, and attractive.
  • Copper– There is little question that copper is one of the most attractive metal roofing options, but it’s also the most expensive. Consequently, it’s more common to see it used as an accent over bay windows, dormers, and other areas where you want a touch of elegance. Copper can be installed as sheeting and in Standing Seam panels; copper shingles are also available.


Tiles come in several different materials including clay, slate, and concrete. These roof tiles can be flat or round, simulate wood shakes, or imitate historic roofing materials. Here are some of the great aspects of tile:

  • Suitable for almost any architectural style
  • Available in a variety of durable colors and textures
  • Will not be damaged by heat or sunlight
  • Will not peel or fade over time
  • Impervious to rot and insect damage
  • Designed to sustain winds in excess of 125 mph that would strip off most other roofing materials
  • Class “A” fire rated; does not burn
  • Suitable for roofs with a slope of at least 4:12
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Long life expectancy of 50 to 100 years
  • The perfect choice for Florida’s climate

Addressing roof problems as quickly as possible can save you a great deal of time and money. So, for shingle roof replacement in Naples, FL look no further than Dickson Roofing! Get in touch with us today at 239.514.1100 to explore our capabilities.