Roofing Inspection Services in Fort Myers, Florida

When you need roofing inspection services in Fort Myers, Florida, from a company you can trust, turn to Dickson Roofing. We’ve provided the best roof inspections in Southwest Florida for nearly 40 years, so you can turn to us with the utmost confidence. Business owners and homeowners across the region do just that regularly. If we see something wrong, we’ll tell you exactly what needs to be done to fix the problem. If we don’t, we’ll let you know that as well. You’ll never have to worry about us trying to sell you any repair service you don’t need.

A Quick Look at Dickson Roofing

Roofing Inspection Services in Fort Myers, FloridaDickson Roofing has provided top-tier repair and installation services throughout the area since 1976. You’ll see examples of our work in some of the region’s most prestigious communities. These include Bay Colony, Olde Naples, The Moorings, and many others.

Your complete satisfaction will be our top priority when you choose our company. You’ll always be able to rely on us to use the very best materials since we only shop from local sources. Whether you own a business or a home, you’ll receive services performed with precision and a passion for quality. Every job we perform meets all Florida Building Code minimums.

Any roofing job can result in a significant amount of disruption, whether it’s to your daily home routine or the operations of your business. But we have the tools and the knowledge to take care of your job faster than just about any other roofing contractor. At the same time, however, that never means we’ll cut corners. Not only is quality at the top of our priority list, but so is safety. In fact, we’re the only roofing company to have a department dedicated to nothing but safety.

Metal Roof Inspections

A lot of Florida homes have metal roofs. They exude that beautiful “Old Florida” look, and they last for decades. However, even metal roofs can develop problems from time to time. When you schedule a metal roof inspection from Dickson Roofing, these are just a few areas that we’ll be checking in detail.

  • Seam issues – Sometimes, the seams in a metal roof can weaken or fail over time. The metal reacts to the weather, expanding and contracting as the temperatures change. As you might expect, this can do a number on the seams that keep the different portions of a metal roof together. We’ll look for signs of problems, such as loose screws, that can cause problems with your seams. Then we’ll fix those issues so you don’t have to worry about water accumulation that could result in structural damage.
  • Damage to flashing – The flashing is the area that keeps water from seeping into the inside of the roof. If there are any gaps, or it starts to pull apart, that can lead to big trouble.
  • Rust – Of course, metal can also corrode and rust. This can also lead to significant water damage.

No matter what material you have on your roof, schedule regular roofing inspection services in Fort Myers, Florida, from Dickson Roofing. Make an appointment by calling (239) 514-1100 or contacting us online.