Roof Skylight Naples, Florida

Thinking about having a roof skylight installed in Naples, Florida? Look no further than the professionals at Dickson Roofing.

Roof Skylight Naples, FloridaWe strive to make each customer our top priority. We buy the top products from local suppliers, ensuring that the materials we use on your roofing project are the best available and will provide energy efficiency, beauty, and years of durability to your property. And we offer precision installation on every job while exceeding Florida Building Code minimums on all roofs.

Dickson Roofing has served Southwest Florida for more than three decades. We construct, repair, update, and inspect roofs of all sizes and shapes with premium materials and cutting-edge techniques. We have provided generations of Florida families with top-quality work and unparalleled customer service.

Before Installing a Skylight Know These 5 Things

Before you get a skylight installed in your home or business, we suggest you educate yourself with these helpful tips and tidbits of information. So, here are the five things we think you should know before you add a skylight:

  1. Quality is never something to skimp on when it comes to your roof. There are a number of things to consider when picking your skylight out. We suggest you look at things like sound reduction, load and wind resistance, water tightness, and energy efficiency as well as ventilation, shading, and UV coatings. Lots of manufacturers are also offering sustainably made products as a means of protecting the environment. This is a serious undertaking, so make sure you make the right first choice in product.
  2. Placement can make all the difference. Mainly the placement of the skylight will be dictated by the rafters in your home. So, you plan that out by taking a trip to your attic and making a blueprint or space plan layout so that you know where you will want the hole cut into your roof.
  3. Check the weather. Before you do any kind of roofing work it is imperative that you check the weather. Cutting a big hole in your roof to install a skylight may seem like a brilliant plan until a torrential downpour floods your kitchen! Use a competent and experienced roofing contractor to guarantee that your home and its contents are always safe from the weather.
  4. Skylights come in two different kinds of installation choices. There are those that are deck mounted and those that are curb mounted. The deck mounted would be the easiest of the two to install on your own, though that is not advisable. The curb mounted versions require you to understand slope and how to retrofit flashing as there are no specific flashing kits for these kinds of skylights.
  5. Waterproofing the flashing. You can actually purchase additional waterproof flashing to add to the flashing that comes in the installation kits for deck mounted skylights and that will help you divert water from the opening that has now been cut into your roof. Again, this is a process best left to the experts.

If you are considering having a roof skylight installed in Naples, Florida, we suggest that you reach out to our well-versed and highly trained team at Dickson Roofing. You can give us a call at 239.514.1100 for a free, no-obligation estimate.