Roof Replacements Park Shore, Naples, FL

While no homeowners want to discover they need roof replacements in Park Shore, Naples, FL, if this happens to you, you at least want the best company to take care of it. In Southwest Florida, that company is Dickson Roofing. We’ve earned the trust of thousands of homeowners throughout the area since we first started in 1976, and we would love the opportunity to earn yours as well.

Roof Replacements Park Shore, Naples, FLSure, we’re biased. But we truly believe we have the best team of roof replacement experts around – not just in Naples, but anywhere else. But we also know that you’re probably still looking around for a roofing contractor. If that’s the case, here are a few tips that will hopefully help make your search quite a bit easier.

Do Some Research

You’ll see a lot of different roofing companies in the area. You might have seen their advertisements on TV, or on billboards as you were driving around. But never make a choice just because somebody has a funny ad, or a catchy marketing slogan.

Don’t hesitate to do some digging into the different companies that you’re considering. Check online reviews to see what others are saying about the contractors on your list. Also, if there’s anyone you trust who recently needed a roof replacement, find out if they would recommend the company they chose. The odds are very good that when someone you respect gives you advice, it will be well worth it to listen to what they say.

Ask Questions

You shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions of the different contractors you’re thinking of hiring. Any companies worth your while will use only the best materials, because they want your new roof to last as long as it possibly can. Find out whether or not they purchase their materials from local suppliers. That’s exactly what we do at Dickson Roofing. We’ve worked with these suppliers for years, and we know they carry the strongest materials available.

Get it in Writing

There are far too many roofing contractors that will start to hem and haw when a customer asks for a written estimate. The reason is that they don’t want to commit to a certain price. They want to be able to jack up that price as high as possible. There are some instances where something unexpected will come up, and the price will have to increase. But at Dickson Roofing, we will be more than happy to provide you with an estimate. If it looks like the price will change, we’ll take the time to thoroughly explain why.

Also, you should never work with a company that won’t provide a written contract that clearly spells out all of the materials to be used, as well as the cost of those materials (and labor costs, of course). A contractor that doesn’t want to leave a “paper trail” – or, even worse, wants you to pay cash up front – is not to be trusted.

Go With a Company You Can Trust

The professionals with Dickson Roofing are ready to tell you much more about how we go about performing roof replacements in Park Shore, Naples, FL. If you would like to get in touch, or you would like to schedule a service, you can contact us online or call (239) 514-1100.