Roof Replacements Aqualane Shores, Naples, FL

Dickson Roofing professionals have performed roof replacements in Aqualane Shores, Naples, FL for more than four decades. We’re passionate about making sure that every replacement is done right the first time, so that our customers can rest easy knowing their new roof will perform for years to come. Not only do we offer top-notch work, we also deliver unmatched customer service and incredible warranties. We’re proud to stand behind our work, and we’re also committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations.

An Unmatched Tradition of Excellence

Roof Replacements Aqualane Shores, Naples, FLOur company first started in 1976. You don’t stick around that long unless you do a whole lot of things right. Customers throughout Lee and Collier counties know they can always count on us to be honest, upfront, and to deliver high-precision work. You’ll see examples of that work on some of the most beautiful homes in Southwest Florida, including communities such as Pelican Bay, Bay Colony, Olde Naples, Longboat Key and many, many others.

We also obtain our materials from local providers, ones we trust. We’ve been working with a lot of these companies for several years because they share our values. As a result, your roof will be ready to handle whatever the elements can dish out. Not only will it stand up to rain and wind, it will also withstand salt air and extreme heat. We can provide you with a traditional asphalt shingle roof, or we can install a roof made of metal, tile, wood shake, and just about any other material you can imagine.

Do You Have a Serious Roof Problem?

If possible, get out into your yard with a pair of binoculars. Take a close look at your roof. Do you see any signs of split, cracked or missing shingles or tiles? Are your shingles starting to curl at the corners? If so, that means you will probably be a candidate for a complete roof replacement. This will be especially true if your roof is 20 years or older.

Other signs you might need roof replacement include the following:

  • Water stains on your ceilings or walls.
  • Streaks on the outside walls.
  • Signs of algae, moss or mold growth.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Dickson Roofing if you have any reason to believe you have a problem. The earlier you act, the better the chances of minimizing any damage that might have occurred.

Moisture and Your Roof – A Bad Combination

The biggest enemy of any roof is arguably moisture. Water has a way of creeping underneath roofing materials, entering your home and potentially rotting out your home’s wood frame.

Why does this happen? It could be a number of things. You may have lost some of your shingles in a recent storm. Debris, such as twigs and small tree branches, may have worked their way under your tiles, allowing moisture to seep into the roof’s underlayment – and eventually into your house.

Whatever the reason a leak is happening, we have the tools and equipment needed to fix it once and for all. But if we feel a repair will only be putting a Band-Aid on the problem, we’ll recommend a replacement.

Learn more about roof replacements in Aqualane Shores, FL by contacting Dickson Roofing online or calling us at (239) 514-1100.