Roof Replacement Fort Myers


Whether you are looking for residential or commercial roof replacement in Fort Myers, or elsewhere in Southwest Florida, don’t hesitate to consider Dickson Roofing.

Since 1976, Dickson Roofing has provided residential and commercial customers with quick response and expert attention for everything from roof repair to complete roof replacement. We assess the damage and make repairs as swiftly as possible with minimal disruption to your home or business. With a simple repair, you may be able to lengthen the lifetime of your roof immeasurably.

Roof Replacement Fort MyersIf you are experiencing problems with your roof, a professional roof inspection is the obvious first step toward fixing them. Depending on the damage, we will help you decide if the roof is worth fixing or if a roof replacement will provide better results. We will never offer a repair that we cannot guarantee for one full year.

Signs You May Need to Replace Your Roof

Our Florida climate can wreak havoc on roofing materials, but there are other factors to consider, such as how well the roof is guttered, protected from UV rays, ventilated, and maintained. And the quality of the original roofing installation will also come into play.

In most cases, the red flags of a failing roof are subtle and happen over time. Roof replacement can be an expensive proposition but putting it off until the last minute is not recommended. Each of the following problems is a sign that you may need to think about replacing your roof sooner than later.

Here are the top things to consider:

  1. How old is the roof?
  2. Are you seeing leaks or water damage?
  3. Are tiles or shingles missing?
  4. Does part of your roof seem to sag?

Knowing the answers to these important questions will help you determine if it is time for that new roof expenditure. If it seems like it’s that time, then you need to hire a reputable company that will give you a detailed estimate. The things you should see on their estimates include:

  • A timeline that dictates the start and finish times of the job. It is important that you and the roofer know exactly when the job will begin and when you can expect it to be completed.
  • A list of materials and the costs included in purchasing them. Roof replacement products include things like covering materials, underlayment, flashing and gutter replacements, as well as nails and fasteners.
  • The cost of cleanup should also be included because dumpsters will be required, and it costs money to haul them away. They don’t disappear on their own.
  • Guarantees that the company provides should also be listed on the estimate. This may include warranties on the specific products being used as well as a warranty from the company itself to make you feel more secure in the work they do.
  • Estimates should always have all the company’s information on it. This doesn’t just mean contact information and the physical address of the company itself. This means you should also see their proof of license and insurance on the estimate so that you can call and check before proceeding with the project.

Getting a roof replacement in Fort Myers is an investment that will pay off in the long run. You will save money on energy bills and costly repairs and prevent potential damage to your home. When you need roof repairs of any kind, we encourage you to contact Dickson Roofing at 239.514.1100 for a free consultation and estimate.