Roof Repair Near Me

Have you wondered, “Are there roofing contractors that do roof repair near me?” If you are interested in the top roofing companies in the Naples, Florida area, Dickson Roofing is a great choice.

Roof Repair Near MeSince 1976, Dickson Roofing has been providing residential and commercial customers with quick response and expert attention. We assess the damage and make roofing repairs as swiftly as possible with minimal disruption to your home or business. With a simple repair, you may be able to lengthen the lifetime of your roof immeasurably.

Common Culprits of Roof Problems

Some roofing problems are easy to detect, while others require an expert eye. Here are a few of the common problems that can affect the integrity of your roof:

Water: Water is a powerful foe. It finds its way inside, where it can cause serious damage and even health problems. Unless a large tree branch has punctured your roof, however, it can be difficult to detect the initial source of a leak. The best defense is quick action. But never go up on the roof yourself. A damaged roof is a dangerous environment, and you should let a professional repair it.

Age: As your roof gets older, problems can occur even if the roofing system has been well-maintained. Temperature changes cause expansion and contraction which, in turn, cause roofing materials to turn brittle and crack. Years of harsh rays from direct sunlight can melt adhesives. As your roof approaches the end of its lifespan, it will be time to budget for a new roof.

Trees: Storms and high winds can cause tree limbs and entire trees to fall, seriously damaging your roof.  Structural damage from the impact can range from small punctures in the roofing and roof sheathing to the complete collapse of the roof or roof section.

Flashing: A roof needs to have strong and tight-fitting flashing around the chimney, vents, and wall/roof junctions to prevent water intrusion.  If the flashing is loose or deteriorating, water may find its way into the building through gaps and other penetrations.

Storm Damage: High winds can damage roofing materials by blowing all or part of them entirely off. Blow-off damage typically occurs in a section of the roof or on an entire side of the roof that was exposed to the highest winds. Roofing felt and roof sheathing can also be blown away by severe winds. While hurricanes get plenty of press, Florida gets many storms with lightning and hail, both of which can cause roof damage.

How Should I Inspect My Roof for Damage?

Do NOT climb onto your roof to inspect it! Roof walking is dangerous and best left to the professionals. From the safety of the ground or through a window, examine the roof from there with binoculars for signs of trouble. If you notice any damage, contact Dickson Roofing to properly inspect the roof and repair the problem correctly.

Looking for roof repair near you? Dickson Roofing offers a wide range of roofing services to meet your needs. Our highly-trained and dedicated team is committed to providing the highest quality service at competitive prices. Contact us today at (239) 514-1100 for a free consultation and no-obligation estimate.