Roof Leaks, Hurricane & Storm Damage Repair Port Royal, Naples, FL

When it comes to roof leaks, hurricane, and storm damage repair in Port Royal, Naples, FL, no one offers the combination of high-quality workmanship and commitment to customer satisfaction that you’ll find from Dickson Roofing. We’ve been around since 1976 and have been through many storms. Our professionals are passionate about helping our customers get back to normal as fast as possible.

How to Find a Good Roofing Contractor

Roof Leaks, Hurricane & Storm Damage Repair Port Royal, Naples, FLIn the weeks and months after a big storm such as Hurricane Ian, people trying to pick up the pieces often encounter shady contractors – and that’s putting it mildly. They’ll show up in a truck or a van with no company markings and promise to get your roof fixed quickly and cheaply.

You can’t trust these “business owners” to follow through on that promise. They might show up, and they might not. They might try to collect some money, start the job, and then disappear before it’s even half completed.

Please don’t let this happen to you. Never choose a roofing contractor without doing your research first. Here are a few of the steps you should take.

  • Talk to some people you trust and find out if they’ve needed roofing work and who they chose. If they recommend that company, the odds are they’ll also do excellent work for you.
  • If the above tip doesn’t apply, look online to find out more about any of the companies you’re considering. Check internet reviews to see what others are saying. If the reviews are overwhelmingly positive or negative, you probably shouldn’t put too much stock in that review site. But if there are more good than bad reviews, that company might be worth your time. If you see negative reviews, look a little deeper to see how that company addressed them.
  • Licensing and insurance are also very important. If the company is licensed, that’s a good sign that they’ll do quality work. Also, if they’re licensed, that will protect you from the possibility of legal action. If the company isn’t insured, and something happens to one of the workers at your home, you could be sued.
  • Get in touch with the companies that remain on your list and ask them to come and give you an estimate. Pay special attention to how you’re treated by those who come out. If they’re willing to answer your questions and take the time to spell out what kind of work is necessary, that’s a company worth choosing. But, on the other hand, if they don’t give you a good feeling, trust your instincts and move on to someone else.
  • Another tool to use is the BBB (Better Business Bureau) website. Enter the name of the roofing companies you’re considering and see what kinds of complaints have been lodged against them. Seeing complaints shouldn’t be a red flag on its own. But if that company didn’t do anything to rectify whatever situation may have caused the complaint, scratch it off of your list.

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