Roof Leak Repair Naples, FL

Is the roof on your Naples, FL home leaking? Turn to Dickson Roofing for premium roof repair services. We are the choice of the most discriminating homeowners and commercial property owners in some of the finest communities.

Roof Leak Repair Naples, FLDickson Roofing has provided premium quality, professional roofing services in the Collier and Lee County area for more than 40 years. We have worked with roofing and restoration in gated communities, and always ensure that HOA and community requirements are met.

We construct, repair, upgrade, and inspect roofs of all sizes and shapes with premium materials and cutting-edge techniques. We have provided generations of Florida families with unparalleled customer service and top-quality work.

What to Do if Your Roof is Leaking

You should feel safe and protected from the outdoors when you are in your home. Sadly, there are outside elements that sometimes find their way into your home. Roof leaks are absolutely no fun, but here is some advice from our experts about what to do when your roof is leaking:

  • Move things away from the leaking area. It’s bad enough that water is intruding in your home, you don’t want all your belongings to be ruined in the process. Clear the area of anything you don’t want getting wet because water damage is no joke and can destroy some of your most precious memories and belongings.
  • Get something to ensure the water is contained. The less water you allow in the better off you will be. That means you might have to bring in the trash can from outside if the water leakage is severe enough to warrant it.
  • Relieve any obvious pressure from water weight. If you see a sagging area you can be pretty sure there is water gathering in that spot. While you might think it counterintuitive to poke a hole in that area, the reality is, by releasing the pressure you are preventing the water from spreading and causing an eruption of its own.
  • Put a tarp on your roof. We know that things happen and sometimes you cannot afford to get your roof fixed immediately. A tarp will suffice for short term protection while you figure out how to get the problem professionally resolved.
  • Take pictures of the whole thing for the sake of your insurance. If the damage to your roof is eligible for an insurance claim, then this step is the most important one! Photograph and document everything so that you can prove the severity of the damage and show anything else that may have been damaged due to the leak.
  • Hire a professional roofing contractor. At Dickson Roofing, we can assess the damage and make repairs as swiftly as possible with minimal disruption to your home or business. We will also help you decide if roof damage is worth fixing or is extensive enough to require a total roof replacement.

Dickson Roofing has eliminated the hassles and headaches that are so common with roof leak repair in Naples, FL. Contact us today at (239) 514-1100 to learn more.