Metal Roofing Contractors Near Me

Customers often ask, “Where can I find metal roofing contractors near me?” Consider services from Dickson Roofing in Naples, FL. Metal roofs provide more benefits than any other roofing material available today and are available in a wide variety of styles and colors.

Dickson Roofing has served Southwest Florida for more than three decades. We construct, repair, update, and inspect roofs of all sizes and shapes with premium materials and cutting-edge techniques. We have provided generations of Florida families with top-quality work and unparalleled customer service.

Metal Roofing Contractors Near MeIn Southwest Florida, you can find our roofs throughout Collier and Lee Counties in prestigious communities such as Port Royal, Grey Oaks, Bay Colony, Mediterra, Olde Naples, Aqualane Shores, and Park Shore.

Metal roofing systems are resistant to decay, discoloration, fire, and mildew, and even withstand hurricanes. They add that “Old Florida” touch to the personality of your home and are the premium roofing choice for Florida. Metal roofs will pass the test of time, lasting 50 years or more.

The Benefits of Choosing a Metal Roof

White noise machines utilize the sounds of rain on a tin roof to help soothe people to sleep. Indeed, there is something calming about listening to the Florida rain fall against a metal roof. But that is certainly not the only benefit of choosing a one:

Metal roofs are long lasting and durable. The long lifespan of metal roofing materials is the top reason homeowners switch to when re-roofing or having new construction done. The strength is the second factor that sways people’s choices. In truth, metal roofs can last 40 to 70 years and many of the materials include 30 to 50 year manufacturer warranties. And, in Florida, it’s always reassuring to know that your roof can withstand wind gusts of up to 140 miles an hour!

Metal roofs are environmentally friendly options. The shingles that so many people have on their homes currently require the usage of petroleum products. That means that shingle roofs increase our dependency on fossil fuels. And, since they require replacement every 15 to 20 years, it is far more environmentally conscious to go with metal and keep those things out of the landfills.

Metal roofs are energy efficient. While metal roofing will certainly cost you more than shingle, you can recoup that cost over time in the money you will save in heating and cooling costs. Metal roofs offer a reflective property that helps keep them from absorbing solar radiant heat. You could see a reduction in cooling costs by nearly 25 percent!

Metal roofs are attractive. There are so many options in the type of metal you choose to utilize. Plus, the panels can come in an incredible array of colors, shapes, and finishes.  Most people opt for steel or aluminum and they both are good at holding their paint finishes well.

Rely on metal roofing contractors near you by choosing the experienced Dickson Roofing crew for superior installation, service, and warranty. Call us today at 239.514.1100 for a free, no-obligation estimate.