Fort Myers Roof Specialists

When you search for Fort Myers roof specialists, Dickson Roofing should be your first call. Whether your roof requires a full replacement or a minor repair, we have the affordable solutions you need. Our dedicated and highly trained team is committed to providing the highest quality service at competitive prices.

Fort Myers Roof Specialists

Dickson Roofing has been in the roofing industry since 1976 and has served businesses and families in Naples since 1984, providing them with unparalleled customer service and top-quality work.

Our team is comprised of Florida State-Certified Roofing Contractors and Florida State-Certified General Contractors and maintains Florida High-Wind Certification from the Roofing Institute. We are also proud members of the Florida Roofing & Sheet Metal Contractors Association and the Tile Roofing Institute, one of the leading experts in the industry.

Your Roof Impacts Your Home’s Curb Appeal

As a homeowner, there is no doubt that you care about the way your home looks inside and out. Your roof is your home’s single largest feature, comprising more than half of its visible shell from the outside. That makes it a design feature that will require substantial thought if you decide to repair or replace it.

Most people don’t realize that a roof actually has two different lifespans – a durability lifespan and an aesthetic lifespan. Durability focuses on how long the roofing materials can be expected to maintain their integrity. Typically, this is longer than the roof’s aesthetic lifespan.

As your roof begins to age you will notice that its colors fade, and any damage it sustains becomes very visible. Also, what may have been a popular roofing style or material 10 or 20 years ago could be completely out of style now, making your home look old and very dated. This can be particularly important if you are hoping to sell the home in the future.

Roofing Design Options

Living in Florida means you will experience a unique mix of hurricanes, saltwater, sun, heat, and wind. These things can weather your roof much faster than anticipated. By choosing the best materials, your roof can last a long time, withstand Florida’s climate, and keep your house looking beautiful for years to come. Here are some of the materials we recommend:

Concrete Tile- One of the most durable roofing materials available is extruded concrete tile. It adds elegance and texture to your roof and has an incredibly long lifespan of 50-100 years, which will significantly improve your resale value!

Clay Tile- These tiles are also incredibly resilient, lasting 50-100 years as well. They come in a variety of shapes and color choices. You can opt for fluted, flat, or curved. They are highly durable when it comes to heat, moisture, and the other extreme Florida weather conditions.

Slate- There is nothing more luxurious than slate roofing. The finest S1-grade slate is the only one we install. It is resistant to fire and hurricanes and will require minimal maintenance. These roofs can last 50 years or more.

If you are looking for Fort Myers roof specialists, consider the professionals at Dickson Roofing. Call us today at (239) 514-1100 for a free, no obligation estimate.