Commercial Roofing Contractors Bonita Springs, FL

If you are in need of superior commercial roofing contractors in Bonita Springs, FL, Dickson Roofing should be at the top of your list. We can handle all your roofing installation and repair needs. Our comprehensive experience covers every conceivable type of roofing project, from new construction to repairs and replacements.

Commercial Roofing Contractors Bonita Springs, FL

Dickson Roofing has served Southwest Florida for nearly 40 years. You can find our top-quality work in many of the most prestigious communities in Lee and Collier Counties including, Park Shore, Mediterra, Old Naples, Bay Colony, Grey Oaks, and Port Royal.

More About Dickson

The Dickson Roofing team is comprised of Florida State-Certified Roofing Contractors, Florida State-Certified General Contractors, and features Florida High-Wind Certification from The Roofing Institute. We are proud members of the Florida Roofing & Sheet Metal Association and the Tile Roofing Institute.

We are also sticklers for compliance with all state and Federal regulations for the safety of our workers and customers and are one of a few companies in Florida with a dedicated safety department to ensure that every part of your job is done safely.

Our expertise covers every conceivable roofing project, from repairs to replacements to new construction. Whether it’s pitched, flat or gabled, tile, slate, metal or wood, Dickson’s craftsmanship is the finest available.

Each Dickson Roofing team member receives the highest level of training and is a true roofing specialist who can handle any job. We adhere to strict roofing guidelines and best practices to ensure that everyone on the site is safe, and that the workmanship is second to none.

Dickson Roofing constructs, repairs, updates and inspects roofs of all sizes and shapes, using top-of-the-line materials and cutting-edge techniques. We buy only the top products from local suppliers, ensuring that the roofing materials we use on your project are the best available, and we offer precision installation on every job. We exceed Florida Building Code minimums on all roofs.

Next Steps

If you are having problems with your roof, a professional roof inspection is the first step toward getting them fixed. Our professional team will personally evaluate your project, propose affordable solutions, and help you select from a broad range of options. We never offer a repair that cannot be guaranteed for one full year.

Roofing problems can seem trivial at first, but they may actually be serious problems that require professional intervention. Roofs do not last forever and, if not maintained, can cause serious long-term damage to your home’s structural integrity.

If your roof has not been inspected in the past year, it is time to schedule a roof inspection with Dickson Roofing.

Ideally, your roof should be examined by a professional roofer after every severe weather event. If the roof is over 10 years old, it should be inspected every year.

Our experts will look for compromised shingles, problems with flashing, puddling water, clumps of leaves and other debris, chimney damage, clogged gutters, algae, holes, warping, raised nails, and many other signs of trouble.

We also test for moisture to determine if water has breached your roof. Our advanced moisture testing will identify water intrusions that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Whether you need residential or commercial roofing contractors in Bonita Springs, FL, don’t hesitate to contact Dickson Roofing today at (239) 514-1100 for a free, no-obligation estimate.