Broken Roof Tiles Naples

Dealing with broken roof tiles in Naples? Wondering how you can get them repaired or what you might be able to do about it yourself? You can trust the experts at Dickson Roofing and we’ll even provide you with a free estimate for your repair needs!

Broken Roof Tiles Naples

Dickson Roofing has served Southwest Florida for more than three decades. We are the premiere choice of the world’s most discriminating homeowners and commercial property owners in some of Southwest Florida’s finest communities. Over the past 30+ years we have provided generations of Florida families with top-quality work and unparalleled customer service.

We buy only the top products from local suppliers, ensuring the roof covering materials we use on your project are simply the best available, and we offer precision installation on every job. We exceed Florida Building Code minimums on all roofs.

What to Know about Broken Roof Tiles

While you may think that the cracks you are seeing in your roof tiles are only aesthetic issues, if you continue to overlook them you could be facing some very serious consequences. Your roof does a lot for your home besides make it look good! So, any cracks you are noticing should be dealt with immediately.

Roof Tiles Crack

There are all kinds of reasons for these tiles to crack over time. Some of the most obvious issues would be branches falling on them, or serious weather. However, they can also be damaged by protruding nails and foot traffic. Your most vulnerable areas are in the valleys and any place where there is penetration.

Expert Advice Moment

It would seem common sense to fill in these cracks with adhesives of some sort. And, there will, undoubtedly be a number of DIY websites telling you to do just that. However, our experts want you to know that whenever there’s a full break, horizontal or vertical, adhesives are not your friend. You need to replace those broken tiles.

What can Cracked Tiles do to My House?

Sometimes monetary binds put us in the position to ask, essentially, “how bad is it going to hurt if I ignore this or that thing?” Well, when it comes to ignoring cracked tiles in your roof, the consequences could be far more catastrophic than you realize. Cracked tiles create leaks. Here are some serious things to consider before ignoring those tiles:

  • Damage to the structure- Because water is so readily absorbed by underlayment and the wood framing that creates your decking the potential for substantial rot to occur is high.
  • Hazardous health situations- Once the water gets in then it won’t take too terribly long for mold and mildew to grow. These can be deadly to some people in prolonged exposures.

As roofing experts, we suggest that you seek assistance with your cracked roof tiles as soon as you notice them. Using a professional contractor is essential to ensuring that your roof is properly repaired, and you and your possessions are secure.

So, if you have broken roof tiles in Naples, Dickson Roofing is your best source for honest and affordable repair solutions. You can give us a call at (239) 514-1100 for a free, no-obligation estimate.