Bonita Springs Roofing Reviews

Have you been searching for the best roofing company in Bonita Springs and reading dozens of reviews? How do you separate fact from fiction? How do you know who to trust? What kind of customer service can you expect? Dickson Roofing can help.

Bonita Springs Roofing ReviewsIf your roof in Bonita Springs is in need of repair or replacement, choosing the right roofing contractor for your project is an important decision. Customer reviews and testimonials, the range of services they offer, their expertise, and their certifications are all factors to consider.

At Dickson Roofing, our team is comprised of Florida State-Certified Roofing Contractors and Florida State-Certified General Contractors, and we maintain Florida High-Wind Certification from The Roofing Institute. We are also proud members of the Florida Roofing & Sheet Metal Contractors Association and the Tile Roofing Institute, one of the leading experts in the industry.

Understanding and Applying Online Reviews

You should never make an investment in roof repair or replacement without doing some homework and research first. The most reputable resources for roofing reviews include: Angie’s List, Yelp, Google, Facebook, and HomeAdvisor.

While it might make sense to just look at the rating stars assigned to the companies you are researching, it is equally important to read the customer commentaries. You will find that many of the consumer reviews don’t talk about the actual roofing job done by these companies. Frequently they focus on the friendliness of the staff and while that is useful information, what you really want to know is how the roof turned out and if the people are satisfied with the work performed. So, be sure not to base your decision solely on the star ratings.

Many times, these ratings will be low simply because a customer didn’t like the sound advice that the contractor provided. You truly can determine a good deal of information about the companies you are researching by reading all the reviews, not just the good ones and not just the bad ones.

As you search through the reviews, you should be able to narrow down your potential list of contractors. But if you are still on the fence about some, it is always a good idea to contact them personally. Talk to them about the project you are looking to have done. You will be able to determine for yourself how good their customer support is and whether or not they are happy to answer your questions. Then see if they will provide you with their own references for you to contact directly.

With over 40 years in the roofing business, Dickson Roofing takes pride in being trusted by our valued customers. We take a hands-on approach to each roofing project we undertake and dedicate all the time necessary to ensure its success.

As a leading roofing company in Bonita Springs it is evident from our online reviews that Dickson Roofing has the expertise you need to help you choose the best roofing option for your home or commercial property, and the workmanship to give you a long lasting, high quality roof. Get in touch with us today at 239.514.1100 to learn more.