Bonita Springs FL Roof Repair Company

We often hear, “Where can I find a good Bonita Springs FL Roof Repair Company?” Roof repair is labor-intensive and, when not done properly, can cause more damage to your roof. If you reside in Southwest Florida, leave the work to the professionals at Dickson Roofing.

Bonita Springs FL Roof Repair CompanySince 1976, Dickson Roofing has been providing residential and commercial customers with expert attention and quick responses for everything from roof replacements to roof repairs. We will assess the damage and make repairs swiftly with minimal disruption to your business or home. A simple repair could potentially extend the length of your roof’s life immeasurably.

We buy only the best products from local suppliers, ensuring that the roof covering materials we use on your project are simply the highest quality available, and we offer precision installation on every job. And we exceed Florida Building Code minimums on all roofs.

Know When It’s Time to Repair Your Roof

Some roofing problems are easy to detect, while others require an expert eye. For nearly 40 years, Dickson Roofing has been providing our valued customers with quick responses and expert attention.

Common problems that may affect the integrity of your roof include:


Tiles have to fit together seamlessly in order to prevent water and debris from damaging your roof and its underlayment. It is more difficult than you may realize to replace a missing tile after a hurricane or severe storm. If these tiles are inserted incorrectly, they could blow off in the next storm, or even worse, misalign your existing tiles and open your roof up to even greater damage.


Florida’s climate will definitely impact the lifespan of your roof, but most roofs last at least 15 years. The length of time is increased by the quality of the material used and the quality of its installation.


The waterproofing element of your roof is the underlayment. When it is compromised, or made of poor materials, it can fail to protect your roof from water which can be quite determined to make its way into your home. If you are seeing evidence of water damage, it is definitely time to replace the roof or at the very least to re-roof it.


Your entire roof sits upon a foundation of plywood known as “decking.” You can’t see it, but it is essential to the integrity of your roof. When moisture gains access to this decking, it can rot and warp, creating a leak in your roof. The only way to properly fix this is to remove it and replace it with new plywood. If you don’t do this job correctly, you are risking the stability of your roof and the interior of your home.

For the best Bonita Springs, FL roof repair company, get in touch with Dickson Roofing at 239.514.1100 to receive a free, no obligation estimate.