Best Roofing Company

Looking for the best roofing company in Southwest Florida? Look no further than Dickson Roofing in Naples, FL, an industry leader with more than 30 years of experience. We construct, repair, update and inspect roofs of all sizes and shapes, with the highest quality materials applied using cutting-edge techniques.

Best Roofing Company

Dickson Roofing can handle all your roofing installation and repair needs. You can find our top-quality work in Collier and Lee Counties in some of the most prestigious communities, such as Port Royal, Grey Oaks, Bay Colony, Mediterra, Olde Naples, Aqualane Shores and Park Shore.

We specialize in the very best roofing materials, including:

Concrete tile: This high-density tile is among the most durable of roofing materials and can withstand abuse from Florida’s saltwater, wind, sun and heat. It is designed to sustain winds in excess of 125 mph that would strip off most other roofing materials.  Choose from a wide variety of colors to choose from: terra cottas, ocean blues, refreshing greens and earth tones. There are many available textures and styles, from the traditional S-shaped style of clay tile to rectangular shapes that mimic slate and shakes.

Clay tile: Modern-day clay tiles are considerably lighter than concrete tiles and are suitable for roofs with a slope of at least 4:12 and for almost any architectural style. They are available in a number of beautiful shapes and color choices. They are highly resilient to heat, moisture and other extreme conditions and are perfect for Southwest Florida’s climate. Dickson Roofing enhances this resilience with advanced application methods and adhesives.

Slate: Slate roofing tile is made of 100% natural stone and is celebrated for its beauty, durability, and longevity. Styles include the standard pattern style (with all slates having a uniform length and width), the random width style (uniform length and random widths), the staggered butt style (mixed lengths and random widths), and the ragged butt style (mixed lengths with random or uniform widths). The texture of slate tiles can range from very smooth to rough and rustic, and the colors range from muted to vibrant colors that will match any architectural style and exterior color palette.

Metal: Metal roofs provide more benefits than any other roofing material available today and are available in a wide variety of styles and colors.  They are resistant to decay, discoloration, fire and mildew, and even withstand hurricanes. They add that “Old Florida” touch to the personality of your home and are the premium roofing choice for Florida. Choose from steel, aluminum, copper, or more exotic metals such as rolled zinc, stainless steel, terne-coated steel, terne-coated stainless steel, and titanium.

Wood: Wood shake roofs express character and “rustic chic” like no other roofing material. Wood shakes are wood “shingles” that are typically made from western red cedar, but also from cypress, pine, and California redwood trees. The shakes are hand-split from logs and shaped to be thicker at the butt end than standard shingles (which are evenly tapered and have uniform thickness). They are specially treated to withstand Southwest Florida’s climate and complement a variety of architectural styles.

As the best roofing company in Naples, FL, Dickson Roofing has the expertise to help you choose the best roofing option for your home or commercial property and the workmanship to give you a long lasting, high quality roof. Get in touch with us today at (239) 514-1100 to learn more.