Best Roofer in Marco Island, FL

What makes Dickson Roofing the best roofer in Marco Island, FL? One reason is our experience in a wide variety of roofing materials. For example, slate and shingle roofs are two of the most popular roofing materials for homes and commercial buildings. While they may look similar from a distance, there are significant differences in each material’s composition, installation, and maintenance. Here’s a comparison.


Best Roofer in Marco Island, FLSlate roofs are made from natural slate stone, which is cut and installed onto the roof in a pattern. The slate is durable, fire-resistant, and has a long lifespan of up to 100 years or more. Slate is also an eco-friendly option since it’s a natural material that doesn’t require much energy to produce.

On the other hand, shingle roofs are made from various materials, including asphalt, fiberglass, and wood. Asphalt shingles are the most common and are made by coating a fiberglass or felt mat with asphalt and then embedding granules on top. Shingle roofs have a lifespan of around 20-30 years, depending on the quality of the materials and the installation.


Slate roofs are installed in a specific pattern, with each piece of slate cut and shaped to fit precisely onto the roof. The installation process requires a skilled contractor who has experience working with slate. Slate roofs are also heavy, and the roof’s structure must be strong enough to support the weight of the slate.

Shingle roofs are easier to install and require less skill or experience than slate roofs. Shingles are available in pre-manufactured sheets, making installation more straightforward and faster than slate. However, shingle roofs can be more labor-intensive due to the larger surface area of the roof and the number of shingles needed to cover it.


Slate requires very little maintenance due to their durability and long lifespan. However, it can be fragile and require a professional contractor to repair it. Additionally, slate roofs can be slippery, making it difficult to access the roof for repairs or maintenance.

Shingle roofs require more maintenance than slate roofs since they have a shorter lifespan. Shingle roofs can be susceptible to damage from weather events like high winds or heavy rain, and repairs may be necessary to maintain the roof’s integrity.


Slate has a natural, elegant appearance, often considered more attractive than shingle roofs. Slate roofs are available in various colors and can be installed in different patterns, providing versatility in their design. Additionally, slate roofs maintain their appearance over time, with little to no fading or discoloration.

Shingle roofs are available in various colors and styles, but their appearance can fade over time due to exposure to the elements. Shingle roofs can also be prone to algae growth, affecting their appearance.


Slate roofs are more expensive than shingle roofs. Some reasons include their durability, longevity, and the skill required to install them. The cost of a slate roof can be two to three times higher than the cost of a shingle roof.

Shingle roofs are less expensive than slate roofs due to their lower cost of materials and ease of installation. However, shingle roofs have a shorter lifespan and require more maintenance, which can increase their overall cost over time.

If you’d like to learn more about whether a slate or shingle roof would be best for you, contact the best roofer in Marco Island, FL, Dickson Roofing, online or call (239) 514-1100.