Best Roof Replacement Services in Fort Myers, FL

You obviously want the best roof replacement services in Fort Myers, FL. You’ve put a lot of time, love and money into your home, so you want to provide it with the highest quality protection you can. Dickson Roofing will be here to do exactly that. We have a team of skilled professionals who are passionate about every project we perform. You can rest assured we will do everything possible to provide you with a roof that will perform day in and day out for decades to come.

Why Choose Dickson Roofing?

Best Roof Replacement Services in Fort Myers, FLFor more than 30 years, Dickson Roofing has been the premier roofing contractor in Southwest Florida. We’re extremely proud to have worked on some of the finest homes in the entire region, including places such as Aqualane Shores, Port Royal, Park Shore, Mediterra and many, many others.

There is simply no other contractor in the area that offers the combination of skill and commitment to customer satisfaction that you’ll find from us. When you choose Dickson Roofing, you can rest assured you’ll be making the right decision.

Is it Time to Replace Your Roof?

As beautiful as the weather in Florida is most of the year, there are certain times where it’s anything but. Storms can wreak havoc on roofs, as can the sun and the salt air. You might not notice anything is wrong, but over time small issues can start to occur. Eventually, those small issues can turn into major problems. Here are just a couple of the signs that a roof replacement could very well be in your best interests.

Your Roof is More than 20 Years Old

In most instances, a roof is built to last for several years – as long as 30, 40 or even 50 years or more. There are a lot of factors that go into determining a roof’s lifespan. The quality of the materials used, as well as the skill level of the technicians who installed the roof are just two of those factors.

Just because your roof is 20 years or older, that obviously doesn’t mean you need to have it replaced. But you should definitely contact Dickson Roofing to have it inspected. There’s a very good chance nothing is wrong, and your roof will continue to protect your home for years to come. But there’s also the possibility that the company responsible for the installation wasn’t as committed to quality as we are.

An inspection will show any issues that might exist so you can have them addressed. It will also show you if you’d be better off with a replacement. Either way, scheduling an inspection with us will bring you true peace of mind.

You Notice Signs of Water Damage

This is just about the most alarming red flag there is when it comes to signs someone needs a new roof. There is a chance that your roof could be repaired, and it will still be fine for a long time. But if the damage is severe, a replacement will be needed so your home doesn’t suffer significant structural problems.

Dickson Roofing provides the best roof replacement services in Fort Myers, FL. But don’t just take our word for it. Find out for yourself by calling (239) 514-1100 or contacting us online.