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                Metal roofi ng systems are resistant to decay,
          discoloration, fi re and mildew. They add that “Old
             Florida” touch to the personality of your home.
              Because of its ability to withstand weather and

       climate changes, metal is the premium roofi ng choice
       for Florida. In over four decades, we have never seen
                         a metal roof blown off a residence.

                                                                  Wood Roofs

                                                                  Wood shake roofs express character and
                                                                  “rustic chic” like no other material can. They
                                                                  allow a house to “breathe” better than other

                                                                  roofs and are specially treated to withstand
                                                                  the unique climate of Southwest Florida. We
                                                                  have preferred mills that we’ve relied on for

                                                                  generations because we know their wood
                                                                  outperforms all others.


                    There simply isn’t a roofi ng material on

                      the market that has a more celebrated
                appearance. S1-grade slate (the fi nest grade
                    of slate) is the only grade we install. It’s
                 also exceptionally resistant to fi re and—in

                our 40+ years installing them—resistant to
                  hurricanes as well. Most impressive of all,
                     slate roofs epitomize enduring beauty.

                                                                            I can’t believe this is our house, we are so lucky t believe this is our house, we are so lucky
                                                                            I can’
                                                                   and so blessed to be here! We have received so many
                                                                   complements on the house since the new roof. Thank you
                                                                   for doing such an amazing job! Terry and Kaye
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