Bonita Springs Roof Replacement

It can be a shock to realize you need Bonita Springs roof replacement, of course, but when you turn to the professionals with Dickson Roofing, we’ll do everything we can to make the process as painless as possible. We value your time, so we’ll make sure to take care of your replacement in the most efficient and effective manner possible. You’ll also be able to count on us to save you as much money as we can.

Why Choose Us?

Bonita Springs Roof ReplacementOur experts have decades of experience working on some of the finest houses in Southwest Florida. Over the last 40-plus years, we’ve performed repairs on homes in areas such as Park Shore, Bay Colony, Port Royal, Olde Naples and many others. If you can think of a type of roofing project, there’s a very good chance we’ve done it. No matter what kind of roof you have – gabled, pitched, metal, tile or anything else – you’ll always be able to count on our expert craftsmanship.

What to Expect if You Need a New Roof

Once you know you need a new roof, get in touch with Dickson Roofing as soon as you can. We’ll immediately get to work to determine the best possible way to replace your roof in the shortest amount of time. Here’s some quick information on what to expect through the process.

  • Choosing the right materials – We only use the highest quality materials from local sources. When you have the best materials, your roof will last for the maximum amount of time. We’ll work closely with you to make sure your materials will be able to stand up to Florida’s heat, humidity and storms.
  • Removing the old materials – In most cases, every bit of the old roof will need to be removed before the new one can be put into place. There are, however, times where that might not be necessary. We’ll come to your home and take a detailed look at exactly what needs to be done, and then tell you how we plan on taking care of your project. We’ll also make sure to protect any nearby trees or other types of foliage.
  • Decking inspection – This will be a must before the new roofing materials are installed. If there are any issues, we’ll let you know if a decking replacement will also be needed.
  • Preparation – New drip edges will likely be installed in order to keep water from getting inside the roof. New underlayment will give you an added layer of protection.
  • Installation and cleanup – After all the prep work is complete, we’ll then take care of the installation of the new roof, thoroughly cleaning up our work area, and then inspecting our work.

Choosing the Right Contractor

While we obviously hope you will choose Dickson Roofing for your roof replacement, we understand that you might want to look around before making your final decision. Make sure any companies you’re considering have the skill and experience needed to take on this type of job. Check online reviews of any companies you’re considering to see what others think about the work they perform. If you’ve had any friends or family members who recently had a roof replacement, see if they would recommend the company they chose.

Get in touch with Dickson Roofing for more information on how we perform Bonita Springs roof replacement. You can call 239.514.1100 or contact us online.