Roofers in Bonita Springs

Are you looking for high quality roofers in Bonita Springs for your residential or commercial property? Dickson Roofing, located in Naples, Florida, will give your project the attention, skill, and expertise it deserves.

Dickson Roofing has been providing premium quality, professional roof repair and roof installation services in the Collier and Lee County area for more than 30 years. We have worked with roofing and restoration in gated communities and always ensure that HOA and community requirements are met.

Roofers in Bonita SpringsIn that time, we have provided generations of Florida families with top-quality work and unparalleled customer service. We work closely with clients to satisfy their roofing needs by installing long-lasting roofs that withstand regular exposure to the Florida climate, such as saltwater, wind, sun, and heat, and we keep them well-maintained.

At Dickson Roofing, we use only the highest-quality tiles and other materials from leading manufacturers, ensuring the roof covering resources we use on your project are simply the best available, and we offer precision installation on every job. We exceed Florida Building Code minimums on all roofs and are proud members of The Tile Roofing Institute.

Ensuring You Pick the Right Company for Your Needs

Whether you are looking to replace your roof or simply inspect and repair it, it is essential that you make the right choice in roofing contractors. Your roof is your home’s first line of defense and having it done right will guarantee the integrity and protection of everything inside it. Our Dickson Roofing experts would like to share with you how to pick the best roofing company:

  • Check for licensing and insurance. This is particularly important if you are having to repair your roof after a storm. There are a lot of people that will swoop in after one of these natural disasters and offer you good deals on repairs. However, most of them are not licensed or insured and will probably not do the job right. So, before you hire any roofing company, get all the necessary information to research their licensure and insurance claims.
  • Get a warranty. While not all contractors will be able to provide you with warranties from the manufacturers of the products they use, they can offer you an extensive warranty based on their installs and repairs. Make sure that whatever warranty they are offering will cover their workmanship. There are times when bad installations don’t reveal themselves for the first year or two. Make sure whoever you choose is willing to cover their own craftsmanship should something go wrong.
  • Choose local. Right now, we are all seeing the importance of utilizing local companies for a variety of needs. Our local economies depend on the continued support. Local roofing companies are more in tune with the weather and potential hazards to roofs in your area. Also, should something go wrong with the repair or installation, you want to be able to contact them quickly for a solution. It may be more difficult to get a roofer from outside your area to return and make the necessary diagnostics and repairs.

Now that you understand how to choose the right company, when you go searching for roofers in Bonita Springs, we encourage you to contact Dickson Roofing at 239.514.1100 for a free consultation and estimate.