Residential Roofing Contractors in Naples, FL

Locating the best residential roofing contractors in Naples, FL may seem like a daunting task. However, we believe you will find everything you are looking for in the roofing experts at Dickson Roofing.

At Dickson Roofing, we have served the Naples, FL area for more than 30 years. During that time, we have provided generations of Florida families with top-quality work and unparalleled customer service.

Residential Roofing Contractors in Naples, FLTo achieve a long-lasting roof that will withstand regular exposure to the elements in Southwest Florida, such as heat, sun, wind, and saltwater, hire Dickson Roofing for premium service. We only buy top products from local suppliers so that the materials we use on your roof are the best available. And we provide you with precision installation that exceeds Florida Building Code minimums.

Opting for a Metal Roof

Trends in roofing materials have varied over the years and, for a long time, metal was considered unappealing for residential use. As such, you only saw it on commercial buildings. However, times have changed and metal roofs on homes have become incredibly popular. Here are some of the reasons people like metal:

  1. It is one of the longest lasting materials available
  2. It withstands pretty much any weather condition – fire, wind, and rain
  3. Newer systems are being offered in panels, shingle, tile, and shake
  4. It’s reflective, thereby helping you save energy (and money) on cooling
  5. Metal roofs are low maintenance

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of today’s metal roof options is the fact that they are much more versatile than old metal roofs. Here’s are some of the options:

Metal Shingle/Slate: Given the added benefit of being made of metal, this style creates a distinctive shingle or slate tile look. Some are even coated with a granular texture to give them a traditional asphalt shingle look.

Metal Tile: When you opt for standard concrete tiles, it is important to know that they are heavy and fragile. Plus, they are often costly to maintain. Metal tile provides you with the graceful curves of traditional tile, but it is light and strong.

Metal Shake: You get the benefits of longer-lasting, fireproof metal while simultaneously benefiting from the authentic look of wood. These pieces come in a variety of color choices and are an investment-grade alternative to wood shake.

Given the many forms and finishes available for metal roofs today, it is possible that you have seen many of them and simply thought they were concrete tile, wood shake, or slate. Because the panels interlock with one another, you get some seriously stiff resistance to high winds which is important here in Florida.

We suggest you opt for the lighter colors so that you can take advantage of the reflective qualities of metal roofs. And, if you want to ensure your roof will last for many years to come, buy steel and have it coated with something that is warranted against detaching, chipping, chalking, and fading.

When you are looking for residential roofing contractors in Naples, FL, look no further than the professionals at Dickson Roofing in Naples. We are available for installations, inspections, and repairs and are experienced with virtually all modern roofing systems. Call us today at 239.514.1100 for a free, no-obligation estimate.