Fort Myers FL Roof Repair & Replacement

Are you in need of a company that can handle roof repair and replacement in Fort Myers, FL? Dickson Roofing can help. We inspect, construct, repair, and update roofs of all shapes and sizes with the highest quality material and cutting-edge application techniques.

Dickson Roofing has been in the roofing business since 1976 and serving the Naples area since 1984. Our comprehensive experience covers every conceivable roofing project from new construction, to replacements, to repairs. Whether it’s a business or home, pitched, gabled or flat, wood, slate, metal or tile, Dickson’s craftsmanship is the finest available.

FAQs about Replacing Your Roof

Fort Myers FL Roof Repair & ReplacementGetting a roof replaced is a costly investment. No doubt you will have plenty of questions you need answered before making such a significant decision. Our experts have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about roof replacement and the answers to go with them:

  1. Is a roof replacement necessary? You may have been told you need to replace your roof but you’re not sure it’s really necessary. It may seem like a great idea to just repair some of the issues and put off replacement for a while longer. The truth is that you may be able to extend the lifetime of some roofs by making repairs, while others should be replaced as soon as possible. The best way to know for sure is to have the professionals from Dickson Roofing come take a look.
  2. If my roof is leaking, do I need a new roof? Although you might have noticed some heavy leaking on seriously rainy days, this does not necessarily mean a roof replacement is your only option. Delays in roof leak repair can result in damage to all of the roof’s structure, however, so time is of the essence here. Allow our experts to give you an accurate diagnosis before making a decision.
  3. How long will a new roof last? It makes complete sense to wonder how long you will be able to depend on a new roof. If you are hoping to sell in the near future, a new roof can certainly add to the curb appeal of your home, thereby increasing your selling price. When it comes to determining the length of time a new roof will last, the most honest answer is centered around the products being used to replace it. For instance, concrete tile can last up to 100 years when properly cared for and installed. Let our professionals discuss your roofing material options with you so that you can have a comprehensive understanding of roof longevity.
  4. How much is it going to cost? Everyone wants the bottom line when it comes to deciding whether or not to get a new roof. The reality is that there are many factors that determine the cost of a new roof. Obviously, the size of your house will come in to play, but the design of the roof itself is significant as well. More complex designs require more building materials, and roofs with many hips and valleys can be more labor-intensive than a pitched or gable roof design. And, of course, the quality of the material you use will play a significant factor in the final price.

As you evaluate roof repair and replacement companies in Fort Myers FL, we encourage you to put Dickson Roofing at the top of your list. Contact our professionals at (239) 514-1100 to schedule your free, no-obligation estimate.